Music Producer based in Manchester, UK


As well as being an active Producer I am also a professional Musician and have played live and recorded on various records with: Johnny Marr, The Charlatans, Primal Scream, Denise Johnson, Tim Burgess&Ladyhawk, The Joy, Patti Smith, John Paul Jones/ Neill Finn.

I was always mesmerised by music from a yound age with music and started out playing drums at the age of thirteen, I really loved it! It was so much fun making such a racket and kicking about in garage bands. After that I became more commited and dedicated to the instrument and was tutored for several years in this discipline, later moving onto bass, guitar and percussion and vocals.

My expertise is really in drumming and I do like to do recording sessions whenever I can. I have some great kits, great mics, pre amps and a studio ready to record in so if you need some drum tacks laying down on your records please feel free to get in touch.


Here’s a clip of me performing live with Johnny Marr on ‘How soon is now?’ – MEN Arena 2006


Keep Enough by the Charlatans – from the album ‘Modern Nature’ 2018