Music Producer based in Manchester, UK

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

I am also an experienced engineer and can work in the capacity as a recording, mixing and/or mastering engineer. I have worked on all manner of projects from developing projects through to recording major label artists in first rate, high end studios. I am very comfortable and happy to do either. Although I love working with high end equipment I am not elitist or snobby about it, I am there to get the best results out of whatever equipment is in front of me. I have many years experience with all manner of equipment, however I am a still a big fan of analog consoles and have used many of them – Amek, Neve & SSL are my desks of choice.

I am happy to work solely as a recording engineer on sessions or to incorporate this role into my productions as the budget dictates.  I personally think it is better to engage a producer and engineer separately where possible, however sometimes needs must and if so i’m happy to provide this service.

After the recording stage I am happy to take it onto mixing also. This is a real art and I have many years experience in this field. I always like to mix in good sounding control rooms with a reasonable amount of high end outboard and a good selection of plug-ins. I have my own studio which has been developed for mixing records over many years so I can get some great results.

On-line mixing 

I am happy to take on board on-line mixing and mastering work and can offer the following services:-

Stereo mixing, 5.1 mixing, mixing and mastering from stems. Stereo Mastering, 5.1 Mastering.